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Helps your customers to earn points from your reward program. 
Increase client satisfaction
Ease program usage
Ease exchange of points, Build up points from several program
our platform help to track of every program and benefits on a single web or mobile.
Our Mission 
To provide a unique platform to wallet to connect  a loyalty program
Build Loyalty Your Own Way
Multiple Redemption Options

Grow Your Loyalty points by Word of mouth  and isn’t just a concept. Enable enticing referral systemss and attract many more loyal customers with a social-ready loyalty platform software

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What Makes Loyalty ?

  • >>Enhanced Loyalty Schemes with Event Based Triggers

  • >>Easy POS, Wallet & Ecommerce Integrations

  • >>Omnichannel Registration & Loyalty Point Redemption

  • >>Digital & Card-based Loyalty Programs

  • >>Flexible Loyalty Program Schemes

  • >>Intuitive and Seamless Loyalty Card 

Be Ready

You can earn and redeem loyalty points whether using the mobile app, website, engaging in store or  social media.

Simple. Powerful. Fast

Customize loyalty points, vouchers or rewards based on your business goals & automate upgrade/downgrade scenarios for tier-based programs.

Data that Makes A Difference

Optimize your engagement by accessing powerful insights into consumer behaviour and preferences

Go Beyond Transactional Rewards

Create event or action-based triggers to incentivize behaviours like product review, store check-ins, social shares and more!

Go Live in 45 Days 

Choose from hundreds of pre-built program templates & go live in less than 45 days!



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