Get truly satisfied by the loyalty service provided by the brand

Loyalty program helps in increasing profits by encouraging customers to spend more .Loyalty program helps in giving incentives to the customers and draw new customers .This program ensure in encountering no price competition and Build a brand Advocate by accessing customer's valuable data

Fast, Flexible & Global Loyalty Management:

Configure your loyalty technology to manage the customized elements of your program break down business silos to meet the needs of your individual stakeholders while also managing the various complexities of your program across countries, currencies, languages and cultures.Easily Manage Personalized Loyalty

Points Liability Management:

  • Points liability is becoming a major concern for companies with or considering loyalty programs. 

  • loyalty platform monitors and manages liability via online tools such reporting and configurable 

Manage the Most Complex Points Structures & Rewards:

  • The loyalty platform can manage multiple national and loyalty currencies simultaneously, as well as rewards and bonuses by both transactions and interactions. For enterprise programs that span multiple countries and/or currencies,


  • Robust tiering capabilities are core to Aimia’s loyalty technology, making it easy for marketers to incorporate status, preferential treatment and recognition into their loyalty programs. This enables brands to build emotional connections that keep customers engaged longer.

In India, most Customer loyalty programs have driven either offer based discounts,  points,  and voucher schemes. The highest challenge to Marketing organizations to develop or administer the use  of loyalty programs in an effective manner with current data.To get a benefit,  It should be reinvented the Loyalty system to have a better CRM for Consumers and Partner Businesses with a well-organized database.


Loyalty program is a structured and long term marketing effort that provides incentive and repeat customer who demonstrate Loyal buying Behavior. Also motivates customer and make frequent purchase.



Introducing one long term project " KSLP " over Blockchain

 technology for every needs. Business can easily get connected

with the new Partners and Customers across the world

instantly with fast , secure and efficient network .

KSLP would make it easier to on-board and use for

 small businesses to scale on value . Even small

businesses can scale up with Enterprise's to take

advantage of their economies of growth.

 Use Case


  • KS Loyalty Points is customer Loyalty program allows you to earn free "Thank You " point every day currently.


  • Motivate the young ones for achieving and something and reward / recognize his achievements by gifting points as piggy bank.

  • Business can create deeper relationship with help of data & Machine learning by connecting Rational and Emotional customers  and retain the brand promise.

       Its the best choice to choose Loyalty Program to  increases sales and build your strong business by establishing healthy relationship with your customers.  Also achieve your goal by encouraging repeat sales from high value customers.

  • Retain existing customers

  • Maximize Repeat sales

  • Cost effective


Help us understand your requirement to customize your need. We will get back to you with your business needs.

create deeper relationship with help of data & Machine learning by connecting Rational and Emotional customers  and retain the brand promise.



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